Did You Know you have control over how AcuSolve determines convergence of residual-ratio and solution-ratio for each variable?
Look in Advanced Solution Strategy in AcuConsole and set ‘Modify advanced settings’ to On for ‘Convergence Check Parameters’. This gives the relationship of the convergence check to the convergence_tolerance specified in the Auto Solution Strategy panel. A setting of ‘Standard’
means the particular value has to go below the specified convergence tolerance value. A setting of ‘Looser By 10′ means the value can be up to 10 times larger than the convergence tolerance. A setting of ‘Tighter By 10′ means the value must be less than one-tenth the convergence tolerance. Etc.
This gives the user control over the variables and their convergence checking. You can check the default settings generated by the AUTO_SOLUTION_STRATEGY command in the .ss.inc file generated during AcuPrep. Look for the CONVERGENCE_CHECK_PARAMETERS command (June 25, 2013)

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Click here to download!

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