API to access the AcuSolve solution database … (Tips & Tricks)

Did You Know that AcuSolve provides an extremely powerful API that can be used to access the AcuSolve solution database during and after a run? This API can be used to extract a wealth of information from an AcuSolve simulation and allows users to write specialized programs/scripts to extract information of interest. In fact, AcuTrans, AcuProbe, the AcuFieldView direct reader, and many other utilities are built using this API. The API is provided in the form of a module called adb that can be used in Perl, Python, C, and shell scripts. The various API functions calls automatically handle the agglomeration of parallel data to provide the user with a simple and fast interface to the solution database. The documentation of the API function calls are available in the /doc/adb.txt file that is included in the distribution (May 14, 2013)

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