Did You Know that you can project solution of a previously run AcuSolve analysis to set initial condition for a new simulation.
To accomplish this,
1. Click on Tools->Project Solution.
2. Select the AcuSolve log file of interest.
3. Select the step id and variables to project
4. Click on Project and you can also have a quick contour overview on the boundary surfaces.
Situations where this feature is extremely helpful:
1. Project a steady state solution as an initial condition for a transient analysis.
2. Project a solution on coarse mesh onto a finer mesh
For those of you interested in using python modules, This is accomplished using acuprj and acudb modules. These modules can be leveraged in instances where the source of input is not AcuSolve (May 6, 2013)

Click here to download!
Click here to download!

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