Did You Know that Windows Operating Systems require a separate service to run in order to support some distributed memory message passing protocols. This service is referred to as a simple multi-purpose daemon (SMPD). The mpi protocols that require this service are MPICH and Intel MPI. This service is different for each of the mpi types listed and the appropriate SMPD must be present and running in order for the parallel AcuSolve run to work. The service needs to be installed exactly once on a given system. Once it is installed, it will automatically be restarted in the future and can be accessed by any user of the system (regardless of whether they have Administrative privileges or not). Starting in HyperWorks 12.0, AcuRun checks for the presence of the appropriate service before running a parallel simulation. If the service has not been installed on the machine, it tries to install it for you and proceed. From that point forward, AcuRun will simply check for the service, find it, and proceed. However, Windows 7 has a feature known as User Account Controls that can prevent a program from installing a service. Depending on what level of notifications is set in the User Account Controls, the automatic installation of the service may fail, and AcuRun will tell you that you need to install the service manually to proceed. At this point, users have 2 options:

1.) Reduce the level of notifications in the User Account Controls, then let AcuRun automatically install the service next time you run a simulation. 2.) Right-click on the AcuSolve command prompt, select Run as Administrator, then install the service using the “acuRun -ismpd” option.

For extremely restrictive user environments that do not allow users to install software on their systems, this will need to be performed by the person that installed AcuSolve on the system. Note that this process is detailed in the HyperWorks 12.0 Installation guide in Section 5.2d “Configuring MPICH and Intel MPI on Windows Platforms” (Febuary 15, 2013)

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