Did You Know that you can customize the behavior of AcuSolve programs based on the platform that you are running on? As you already know, all AcuSolve programs contain a set of command line options that allow users to control their behavior. The options can be set by placing option=value pairs into a configuration file (named Acusim.cnf by default). For cases where users desire to use the same Acusim.cnf file to apply to multiple installations of AcuSolve, they can add the name of the platform to the option. For example, the following entries may be used:
WIN64.hosts = sacandaga
LINUX64.hosts = pharaoh
When running the WIN64 build of AcuSolve, the hosts option is set to sacandaga. When running the LINUX64 build of AcuSolve, the host list is set to pharaoh.
Similarly, users can specify the name of the program that a specific option applies to. For example:
acuPrep.verbose = 3
The entry shown above sets the verbosity level of acuPrep to 3, but does not impact the verbose option for other programs.
Finally, users can combine the machine name and the program name into a single entry (note that order doesn’t matter for the machine and program name):
acuPrep.LINUX64.verbose = 3 (August 13, 2012)

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