Did You Know that the files from which AcuSolve programs read their command line options from can be customized? By default, all programs search through the following series of files to read options from:
./Acusim.cnf (i.e. Acusim.cnf in the local directory)
~/Acusim.cnf (i.e. Acusim.cnf in the users $HOME directory)
$ACUSIM_HOME/Acusim.cnf (i.e. Acusim.cnf in the top level installation area)
$ACUSIM_HOME/$ACUSIM_MACHINE/$ACUSIM_VERSION/script/Acusim.cnf (i.e. Acusim.cnf in the script directory of the installation)
However, you can override this default behavior by setting a colon separated list of files to read using the environment variable called ACUSIM_CNF_FILES. For example, to customize the list of files to only read the ones that you have created, you could set the following:
setenv ACUSIM_CNF_FILES ./Acusim.cnf:~/MyConfig.cnf:~/MyMachineConfig.cnf (July 10, 2012)

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