Did You Know that all AcuSolve programs contain a set of command line options that allow users to control their behavior? The options can be set using the command line, or by placing option=value pairs into a configuration file. By default, all AcuSolve programs look for a file called Acusim.cnf to read the command line options from.
The option list for any program can be accessed by passing the -h option to it. For example, to see a list of all of the options that acuRun supports, the user would enter the following in the shell window:
acuRun -h
The output of this command is a list of the options, and what each of them is currently set to. For example, one may see the following output under the -hosts option:

acuRun: -hosts <str> comma separated list of computer hosts
acuRun: host_lists= pharaoh [./Acusim.cnf]

This output indicates that the -hosts option is a string value that should contain a comma separated list of computer names to use for running the solver. It also indicates that the value is currently set to “pharaoh”, which is being read from the file named ./Acusim.cnf (June 11, 2012)

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