Did You Know that AcuConsole V12.0 gives you an option to generate mesh data either as ASCII or BINARY. This option is extremely helpful while reading large meshes. In order to set this option, click on
Tools->Generate Mesh and in launch AcuMeshSim dialog, set “Output file
format” to either binary or ascii.
In addition, one can also take advantage of the python modules with binary/ascii io. As mentioned in a related Tip & Trick below, one can use acupu to read and write these files. Say you have test.crd as an ascii file. If you want to convert that into binary you can do so by,
( usrIds, crd ) = acupu.readArrays( ‘test.crd’, ( (‘i’,1),(‘d’,’*’) ) )
acupu.writeArrays( ‘test.crd.B’, ( usrIds, crd ) )
and again to read the binary file,
( usrIds, crd ) = acupu.readArrays( ‘test.crd.B’, ( (‘i’,1),(‘d’,’*’) ) ) (January 14, 2013)

Click here to download!
Click here to download!

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