Mesh operation to generate thermal shells … (Tips & Tricks)

Did You Know that AcuConsole provides you a mesh operation to generate thermal shells. Thermal shells are extremely useful when you want to model the energy equation in solid materials and the thinness of the geometry makes it inconvenient to create the solid. In AcuConsole, you can select the Surface item of interest and select MeshOp–>Generate Thermal Shell.

This operation creates a new volume group called, default_shell with medium set to thermal shell. You should change the number of shell layers, thickness(es) and corresponding material models. In addition, the outside surface set of the thermal shell is also created as a default surface group. Appropriate boundary conditions need to be set on this surface. Please note the qualifier “thinness” above. With thermal shells AcuSolve solves only one-dimensional conduction through shell thickness (November 6, 2012)

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