Mesh generator in AcuConsole can also be used as a standalone program … (Tips & Tricks)

Did You Know that the mesh generator in AcuConsole is a stand-alone program and can be run separately if you need to leverage better hardware resources. Say, you are running AcuConsole on your laptop and you need to generate a really large mesh. You can click on Tools->Generate Mesh and turn on ‘Export ams file’ and turn off ‘Launch AcuMeshSim’. This will create a file with .ams as an extension and a folder called CAD.DIR. Then the .ams file and CAD.DIR can be copied to the target machine and acuMeshSim can be executed as follows; Say the file name is pipe.ams, acuMeshSim -pb pipe in the folder containing pipe.ams and CAD.DIR.The resulting mesh, pipe.arm and MESHSIM.DIR, can be copied back to the laptop and imported into AcuConsole.

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