Parametric databases and analyses … (Tips & Tricks)

Did You Know that AcuConsole offers a powerful selection of tools for creating parametric databases and analyses? One of the most powerful tools is the ability to define variables and expressions within the “Variable Manager”. The variable manager allows users to create variables and assign values to them. The variables can then be used in expressions for defining boundary conditions, mesh sizes, initial conditions, etc. within the AcuConsole database. This is particularly useful for applications where a value is used more than one time within a database. For example, consider a case where there are multiple walls on which the user wants to generate boundary layer elements. By assigning a variable to the first layer height of the boundary layer (say firstLayerHeight:=1.0e-5), the user can type this variable in the panels entry area for every instance of a wall in the database. Then, whenever the user changes the definition of firstLayerHeight in the variables manager, all settings within the database are updated. The attached images reflect this setup. Note that the variables manager is accessed by clicking on the “x=” icon in the main toolbar of AcuConsole.

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