Aerospace Multidisciplinarity Enabling Design Opitmisation (AMEDEO)


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Aviation is facing a critical challenge of meeting the growing demand for air travel while reducing significantly its impact on the environment. It is clear that the development of aircraft technologies will have to be accompanied by radical innovation in order to deliver the necessary performance improvements. In addition, the European Commission has highlighted the strategic importance to preserving Europe’s lead in an increasingly competitive international industry that makes an annual 220 billion Euros for the EU economy and provides 4.5 million jobs.

The European Commission has the stated aspiration that by 2050 “multidisciplinary design and development tools are used routinely and cooperatively to support a high level of integrated system design” (Flightpath 2050 report). However, there is currently an acute skills shortage in Europe of MDO specialists.

What is MDO?

The goal of multidisciplinary design optimisation, MDO, is to coordinate the individual disciplines affecting the design (e.g. aerodynamics, structural mechanics, acoustics…) towards a system design that is optimal as a whole, taking into account the key interactions between the disciplines as well as competing objectives. Unlike traditional sequential single discipline design optimisation approaches this avoids the generation of sub-optimal solutions due to poor balancing in the design process, which are too costly to remedy later in the design cycle.

What AMEDEO will deliver

This project focuses on the key training challenge of providing the EU’s aerospace industry with a new generation of MDO researchers capable of improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions of aircraft at reduced timescales and costs.

AMEDEO will provide 13 early stage researchers with innovative PhD training programme through a combination of state-of-the-art research and a comprehensive training package covering the technical know-how, complementary skills and industrial experience they will need to become the research leaders of the future. The breadth of interdisciplinary and intersectorial expertise needed for this programme can only be delivered via an international network that provides a complementary mix of design optimisation researchers and practitioners from leading European universities, research organisations, multinationals and SME who can contribute to and benefit from the training of this unique cohort of young MDO specialists.

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