The objective of this free virtual training series is to provide you a guided and moderated introduction into topology optimization (with Inspire) and composite optimization (with OptiStruct).

The virtual training series consists of three succeeding phases.
Phase I – Concept Design (Inspire)
Phase II – Linear Static Analysis (OptiStruct)
Phase III – Composites Analysis and Optimization (OptiStruct)

For each individual phase various recordings (videos) are available along with a list of recommended tutorials and excerises. While working your way through our recommended material please make sure and post your questions on the moderated Academic Support Forum.

For more information about the different phases click here …

We appreciate your interest and your feedback!

Optionally, you may submit a report (similar to a tutorial) about your own model/component to receive the
Academic HyperWorks Achievement Certificate –
– Conceptual Design
– Linear static analysis
– Composite analysis and optimization

Browse 20+ free eBooks.
Browse 20+ free eBooks.

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