Did You Know” that AcuConsole first creates a unioned model of the geometry before generating the mesh.

i.e., Say you have parts A, B and C in your CAD and while importing, AcuConsole does A U B U C ( A union B union C ) and then using this model subsequently for mesh generation. In contrast, if you are using SimLab or HyperMesh, you generate the mesh on the native CAD and post-process the mesh to remove non-conformal interface at the mesh interface between these parts. This is an important reason why import time of either nastran or CAD models takes longer in AcuConsole. Not that the approach used by AcuConsole is better or worse, but this is very important aspect to understand.

Overall global winner can earn up to…  $2,500 USD
Overall global winner can earn up to… $2,500 USD

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