The School of Marine Science and technology is the largest and broadest-based marine school in the UK, covering the fields of marine engineering, marine biology, naval architecture, offshore engineering, coastal management and small craft technology, and enjoys a substantial international reputation.

The School’s current research areas include marine and offshore structures and materials; surface and underwater robotic systems; marine environmental sustainability and safety; marine innovative design and manufacturing processes; marine informatics and control; marine hydrodynamics and propulsion; marine biofouling/antifouling; marine chronobiology; marine invertebrate reproduction; and marine aquaculture

In 2008 the School of Marine Science and technology established the Newcastle University Marine International (NuMI) with the opening of its first overseas campus located at the Ngee ann Polytechnic, Singapore providing high-quality taught programmes to new overseas students. Altair’s visit was within the frame of the university Programme support activities in order to cover the needs of software in the School of Marine Science and technology.

To find out more about the school, please visit: www.ncl.ac.uk/marine

Click here to download Student Edition 2020!
Click here to download Student Edition 2020!

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