Did you know that AcuSolve performs profiling on various aspects of each run and summarizes the timing information to the Log file? This information can be further summarized to determine what percentage of the CPU time was spent on each operation.  This is easily accomplished using the “cpu” script.  This script is provided in the /tools directory of the AcuSolve installation.  The following output shows the summarized



(corsoda@seneca) corsoda/TEMP> cpu BLOWER.5.Log

acuSolve-impi: Input CPU/Elapse time      = 4.040000e+00 1.185120e+01

Sec   0.02%

acuSolve-impi: Input       CPU/Elapse time= 4.040000e+00 1.185120e+01

Sec   0.02%

acuSolve-impi: Output      CPU/Elapse time= 1.171870e+03 1.926059e+03

Sec   3.08%

acuSolve-impi: Exchange    CPU/Elapse time= 1.149576e+04 1.148835e+04

Sec  18.36%

acuSolve-impi: Intf.search CPU/Elapse time= 5.245760e+03 5.246883e+03

Sec   8.38%

acuSolve-impi:   Elem.Form CPU/Elapse time= 1.288379e+04 1.299914e+04

Sec  20.77%

acuSolve-impi:   Solution  CPU/Elapse time= 3.133191e+04 3.145148e+04

Sec  50.26%

acuSolve-impi:   Elem.Form CPU/Elapse time= 7.425770e+03 7.487965e+03

Sec  11.97%

acuSolve-impi:   Solution  CPU/Elapse time= 5.748700e+02 6.284863e+02

Sec   1.00%

acuSolve-impi: Total CPU/Elapse time      = 6.131303e+04 6.257990e+04

Sec 100.00%


This information is very useful in determining what aspect of the solution is taking the most time.  For example, this output shows that 3.08% of the total time was spent writing data to disk, and 8.38% of the time was spent searching for matches across the non-conformal interfaces.


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