Did You Know that you can use mesh size expression to control the mesh specification in AcuConsole.

Say for example you have a cylinder of diameter 1m with it’s axis along x-axis. You want to refine the mesh between radii 0.15 and 0.3. You can set the global mesh size type to Absolute Expression and set the mesh size expression as,

ri = 0.15

ro = 0.3

r = sqrt( z*z + y*y )

value = if( r>ro,0.1,if( r<ri,0.1,0.0125) )

Here, we are basically saying that if radius is between 0.15 and 0.3, set the size to 0.0125 else to 0.1. See the below images for AcuConsole panel and the resulting mesh.

 text area editor


DO NOT FORGET to have value = on the last line. x,y, and z are key words to be used for x,y and z locations. I recommend not using x, y and z in variable names as well.

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