Did you know that AcuConsole supports a number of command line options that provide short cuts for creating a new database, importing data, and opening an existing database?  These shortcuts are very useful for having AcuConsole open directly in the state in which you desire without having to navigate through the main menu to perform common operations.  Below are some examples:

To launch AcuConsole and automatically load an existing database called channel.acs:

$>acuConsole -acs channel.acs

To launch AcuConsole and create a new database called newDatabase.acs:

$>acuConsole -new newDatabase

To launch AcuConsole, create a new database called pipe, and load the parasolid file called pipe.x_t into it:

$>acuConsole -new pipe -import pipe.x_t

As with all acu* utilities, the -h option may be issued to see the complete help listing that shows and describes all valid command line options for a given program.  For example, the syntax demonstrated above may be found by executing the following command:

$>acuConsole -h

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