Use AcuSig utility to signal the solver while it is running.

Did you know that you can control certain characteristics of AcuSolve jobs while they are running?  The AcuSig utility allows users to signal the solver to perform a number of actions including:


– write output (at a single step or at a list of steps)

– write restart files

– stop the simulation

– redo the existing time step

– modify the time increment (for transient cases with variable time step


– pass name=value pairs along to the solver for use with UDF functions that utilize USER_GLOBAL_DATA commands

– change the verbose level of the solver


For example, if you have a batch job running on a cluster somewhere and you decide that you want to set the verbose level to temporarily set the verbose level to a higher value, the following command would be used:


acuSig -sv 3


When you want to switch it back:


acuSig -sv 1


To see the full help listing of acuSig, execute the following command:


acuSig -h


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