The Standard behind Structure Safety

Altair® RADIOSS® is a leading structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. It is highly differentiated for Scalability, Quality and Robustness, and consists of features for multiphysics simulation and advanced materials such as composites. RADIOSS is used across all industry worldwide to improve the crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of structural designs.

For over 20 years, RADIOSS has established itself as a leader and an industry standard for automotive crash and impact analysis. Automotive and aerospace companies value the contribution it makes in understanding and predicting design behavior in complex environments such as automotive crash simulation. In recent years thru the addition of implicit finite element solver capabilities RADIOSS has become a viable option also for standard analyses and linear dynamics.

The tight integration with HyperWorks environment makes RADIOSS a powerful design tool. Aside from modeling and visualization, RADIOSS models are ready for optimization. Transition to the optimization solver OptiStruct and HyperStudy is easy.

NVIDIA GPUs accelerate RADIOSS performance: Read the press release and find out more.

RADIOSS is Intel Cluster Ready: Read the Xeon Phi development case studydownload the sizing guidewatch a video about the Xeon Phi Integration, or watch an interview and demo of RADIOSS running on Xeon Phi.

Introduction to RADIOSS

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Explore how HyperWorks and RADIOSS are improving products in your industry:

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Electronics – Energy – Heavy Industry – Marine

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