Post-graduate studies named “Computer Simulations for Engineers” have been offered for 6 years to engineers willing to acquire first-hand experience in FEA and related algorithms. The cooperation of DES ART Company, the Faculty of Applied Physics at Gdansk University of Technology and the Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery allows for promotion of best practices in both research and engineering simulation.

The extensive curriculum is divided into 9 major subjects, including “Computer Simulation Fundamentals”, “FEA Techniques”, “Material Models”, “Multi-Body Dynamics”, “CFD” and “Simulations at nano-scale”. Hand-on exercises prevail over lectures, and the students are introduced into most of tools included in the HyperWorks package. Apart from intense work with HyperMesh, Altair solvers and alternate pre-processors are put in practice, including RADIOSS, OptiStruct, MotionView/MotionSolve and AcuConsole/AcuSolve. Special attention is given to individual preferences of participants, who are encouraged to carry own their own projects with some help from a Tutor and produce professional reports.

The Polish degree delivered after completing final exams is accompanied by an English version of the certificate.

The contact person: Marek Augustyniak, PhD, DES ART Ltd. and Gdansk University of Technology

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