Troy, Mich., June 10, 2014 – Altair today announced that Centro para a Excelência e Inovação na Indústria Automóvel (CEIIA), Portugal, has chosen and deployed HyperWorks® as its standard computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform for most of their projects. CEIIA is a private non-profit association for research and integrated product development in several technologically-intense domains, including intelligent mobility, aeronautics, and energy.

HyperWorks is used mainly for finite element (FE) analysis. HyperMesh®, HyperForm®, HyperCrash®, and MotionView® are used for preprocessing tasks, while OptiStruct® and RADIOSS® are the FE solvers used within the development process. MotionSolve® enables multi-body simulations and HyperView® is employed for post-processing tasks. Altair products are also used for scientific purposes, namely to study the dynamic behavior of composite materials.

“We were an early adopter of Altair’s solutions,” said Luís Pinheiro, CAE Manager, CEIIA. “Back when we started using the tools, the main reason to deploy HyperWorks was its multi-solver pre-and post-processing interface, provided by HyperMesh and HyperView in one single environment. From then on, we saw a constant evolution and expansion of the solver solutions included in the HyperWorks suite. The sheer breadth of solver solutions has made it possible to abandon other independent solvers, enabling us to rely entirely on HyperWorks.”

“Altair products have helped us to increase productivity while providing an increasingly complex solution in a user-friendly working environment. We can ensure customer satisfaction, fulfilling demands for realistic solutions at acceptable costs within constrained timeframes,” added João Pedro Mortágua, R&D Manager, CEIIA. “The main advantage we see in HyperWorks is that with just one license agreement we have access to all the tools we need, from meshing to solving and post-processing. An additional plus is that all solvers run with multi-cores on local machines. We can cover all of our simulation needs with one single comprehensive, yet specialized multiphysics software suite at a reasonable price.”

“We have very close ties with research centers like CEIIA because they need to work with industry and academia to deliver solutions that accommodate both constituents, requiring flexibility and strong industry expertise,” said Stefano Deiana, Sales and Country Manager, Altair Spain. “It is a pleasure to work with CEIIA and we are very happy about their decision to implement HyperWorks as their standard CAE platform. Our solution is a very good fit for any company that is looking for a CAE environment covering all aspects of simulation, from pre- to post-processing, including a range of versatile and specialized solver solutions.”

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CEIIA is an innovation and research center focused on the development of new products for several technological fields, such as intelligent mobility, aeronautics, and energy. CEIIA aims to enhance the competitiveness of mobility through international cooperation between university and industry in to products and solutions market oriented. CEIIA’s daily mission is to be a global reference on research, design, development, manufacture and testing of products and services for mobility industries worldwide. For further information please

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