Did you know that Linux has a number of very handy utilities for helping to manage your batch jobs?  One of my favorites is the “watch” command.  “watch”  runs  a command  repeatedly, displaying its output and errors as they change in time.  You can use the “watch” command to get an overview of all of your batch jobs that are currently submittted to the queue.  The “watch” command executes the command periodically and updates the output of the command on screen as it changes.  So, to see the status of your AcuSolve jobs that are in the PBS queue on SMC, you can execute the following from a terminal window:

$>watch –interval 120 qstat -u dcorson

This executes “qstat -u dcorson” every 120 seconds and displays the current snapshot of that output continuously in the terminal window:

Every 120.0s: qstat -u dcorson                        Mon Feb  9 13:14:24 2015

Req’d  Req’d   Elap
Job ID          Username Queue    Jobname    SessID NDS TSK Memory Time  S Time
————— ——– ——– ———- —— — — —— —– – —–
71686.trsmchead dcorson  acusim   DDES-incom  15175   7  84    —  72:00 R 00:43
71687.trsmchead dcorson  acusim   DES-incomp  18265   7  84    —  72:00 R 00:43
71689.trsmchead dcorson  acusim   LES-incomp  17060   7  84    —  72:00 R 00:06

Be careful when using watch, however.  The default interval is 2 seconds.  This will lead to some unnecessary stress on the pbs server if the default is accepted.

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