By convention, we write the input files using capitalization to represent built in AcuSolve commands and lower case text to represent parameters and qualifiers.  For example:


MATERIAL_MODEL( “simple fluid” ) {

density_model                 = “simple fluid”

viscosity_model               = “simple fluid”

specific_heat_model           = “simple fluid”

conductivity_model            = “simple fluid”



However, the following syntax is also valid and will produce identical



material_model( “simple fluid” ) {

DENSITY_MODEL                  = “simple fluid”

VISCOSITY_MODEL               = “simple fluid”

SPECIFIC_HEAT_MODEL        = “simple fluid”

CONDUCTIVITY_MODEL         = “simple fluid”



Note that user defined string values do respect case.  So, it is not possible to interchange “SIMPLE FLUID” with “simple fluid” when referring to this qualifier in subsequent commands.

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Overall global winner can earn up to… $2,500 USD

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