Next Generation Computational Fluid Dynamics Presentations


Next Generation CFD Flow Solver
Dr. Farzin Shakib,
VP. CFD Technology, Altair Inc.
Formula One – The Engineering Race Evolution in Virtual & Physical Testing Over the Last 15 Years
Torbjörn Larsson
Creo Dynamics AB
Thermal Analysis of EV Battery Cooling Systems
Maria J. Blanco Martin
EV Thermal Management Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
Validation of AcuSolve for Automotive External Aerodynamics
Dr Lee Axon
Senior Application Specialist – External Aerodynamics, Altair
Using CFD and Topology Optimisation to Redesign a Component for Additive Layer Manufacturing
Sam Bull
Project Engineer, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre
CFD: A Practical Tool for Large Passenger Carrying Vehicles
Laurence Wood
Team Leader Test and Development, Plaxton
GPU Powered CFD: Showcasing nanoFluidx and ultraFluidX
Christoph Niedermeier
Multi-Physics Simulation of Race Car Aerodynamics
Dr. Abdel Fiala
CFD Technical Specialist, Altair
Transient and Steady State Simulations of Airflow around a High Speed Passenger Train
Justin Morden
University of Birmingham
AcuSolve Usage for Prediction of Cylinder Head Temperatures
Richard Tyrell
Advanced Analysis Ltd
Maximising Additive Manufactured Heat Exchanger Efficiency
Javier Vinuales
HiETA Technologies Ltd
Increasing Robustness and Reliability of a Race Car Engine
Patrick Bandeira
Data and Simulation Engineer, Prodrive
Multidiscipline Optimisation of a Wing Flap Considering Performance and Cost
Lazaros Tsioraklidis
Chief of Technology, Altair


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