ChassisSim battery Ash WAsh Willoughby is a student from the Cranfield University School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing who has just completed his individual research project for the Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc program.

He has recently completed his project poster presentation Willoughby_2015

View his poster below to find out about how he used Altair’s Partner Alliance product ChassisSim to predict the affect of manipulating the centre of gravity of a Pilbeam race car using actuated components within the electrical motor storage system.

Created by Danny Nowlan, an engineer who worked as an analyst in the aeronautical and maritime and research lab before moving on to single-seater teams and design bureaus, ChassisSim is a simulation program aimed at auto racing professionals. This solution, is a 100% virtual simulator in that it requires no driver or physical devices, and has shown itself to be one of the top simulation programs in the field, and is being used in GP2, DTM, IndyCar as well as the Le Mans Series.

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