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Topology optimization on cantilevered beam

(Priyen Patel, Prof. W-L. Cleghorn,Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto)

Importing Into Hyperworks (Tutorial 1)

  • IGES/Importing to Hyperworks
  • Creating solid model in SolidWorks, saving file, saving as IGES, and importing to Hyperworks

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 Initial Setup Phase (Tutorial 2)

  • Setting up Hyperworks initially
  • Setting up material, property, components

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Meshing (Tutorial 3)

  • 2D Surface Meshing
  • 3D Solid Meshing

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Setting up Topology Optimization (Tutorial 4)

  • Load collectors, load steps
  • Responses, dconstraints, objectives, opti controls, control cards
  • Viewing results in hyperview

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Applying and Exporting Results (Tutorial 5)

  • Results in HyperMesh
  • Exporting to SolidWorks

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