Design, analyze, and evaluate 77/79 GHz antenna systems, using 3-D antenna analysis tools, mainly FEKO, Matlab, models and experimental data.
Perform studies of antenna elements, antenna arrays, dielectric lens, digital & analog (and hybrid) beamforming techniques.
Build antenna prototypes and support transition to manufacture.

Required skills / experience:

Experience in designing, fabricating, and testing both single element (patch, dipole, etc) and phased-array antennas at 77/79 GHz.
Knowledge of existing mmW antennas approaches used in commercial automotive radar, including theory of operation, modelling and design, and manufacturing approaches.
Understanding of the challenges and requirements of automotive radar applications related to the design of antennas.
Solid background in electromagnetics and antenna theory.
Ability to work with other mmW RF components

Contact/application for job
CEO/ Co-Fonder
SENSYRAD, Sophia-Antipolis, France
Phone: +33617411930

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