Wednesday, March 8
10:00 am EST (15:00 GMT, 16:00 CET)

Whether you are using Multibody Solutions (MBS) to generate loads for structural or fatigue analysis, investigate or optimize your system’s dynamics – enabling rigid body contact in your simulations increases the fidelity of your MBS system and the accuracy of your results.

Altair’s multibody solution provides you with a complete set of tools to model, solve and visualize systems that contain rigid bodies in contact with one another. MotionView lets you easily import your existing CAD and set up your geometries for rigid body contact. The contact solution in MotionSolve is robust, accurate and parallelized leading to faster simulations. Finally, HyperView and HyperGraph allow you to fully post process your results that include viewing animations, summary reports, plotting forces and contours.

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Click here to download!

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