There is a trend from computer-aided engineering (CAE) vendors to consolidate tools into one platform.

This wave of change is a way for engineering firms to reduce their software budgets, training and web of licenses.

Altair has been a major player in this consolidation space with its HyperWorks platform. But even before the Altair Partner Alliance began, the organization was consolidating CAE functionality within its optimization tool OptiStruct.

“Optimization is always based on underlying structural analysis,” said Uwe Schramm, chief technical officer at Altair. “So, OptiStruct has always been an analysis tool.”

Traditionally, coupling simulation results to a third-party optimization program can be tricky. It involves application program interfaces (APIs), and at times programming, which can slow development down or introduce bugs. Therefore, having the finite element analysis (FEA) tool embedded into the optimization tool can provide a significant advantage.

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