Did you know that AcuSolve has some new tools for initial condition specification. Previously, you could only have one initial condition per state variable (for example, you could specify the pressure field but you would have to do so in one entry only). The initial condition input deck has been expanded to include multiple entries for the same variable with multiple ways of selecting the target region (element set, node list, all nodes). Values can now be specified through different ways: constant value, linear/cubic interpolation, list of values or user-defined function. Overlapping regions are handled through user-specified precedence. Note that this feature is particularly convenient when using the new immiscible multiphase flow capability.


variable                                    = field
field                                          = “Water”
precedence                              = 1
type = piecewise_linear
curve_fit_values = {-100,   1 ;
-15,    1;
-14,    0;
100,    0; }
curve_fit_variable                   = z_coordinate

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