Did you know that AcuSolve now supports the Realizable K-Epsilon turbulence model with an All-YPlus Two-Layer wall function?


With the AcuSolve 2017 release, three variants of the K-Epsilon turbulence model:

    (1) Standard,

    (2) Realizable, and

    (3) RNG

  are being introduced.


These are the workhorse turbulence models in the CFD industry. With the new input structure, the user picks the turbulence model and the recommended defaults for the model are automatically chosen. This means the default wall function chosen is the more advanced All-YPlus Two-Layer model.


Below are the meshing guidelines:

(1) No minimum wall y+ requirement (first node can be below log-layer)

(2) Recommended maximum wall y+ is under 50.


We encourage users to add the Realizable K-Epsilon model to their arsenal of CFD turbulence models along with Spalart-Allmaras and SST.

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