Did you know that AcuSolve V 2017 introduces new and automatic ways to specify turbulence model inputs in the Simple Boundary Condition Panel for Inflow and Farfield boundaries? Example screenshots of AcuConsole with the new options are attached.


The following Simple BC options are now included in both AcuConsole and AcuSolve input file:

(1) turbulence_input_type       = [auto, intensity_length_scale, intensity_viscosity_ratio, viscosity_ratio, direct]

(2) turbulence_intensity_type = [auto, low, medium, high]

(3) turbulence_flow_type         = [internal, external]

(4) turbulence_length_scale

(5) turbulence_velocity_scale

(6) turbulence_viscosity_ratio

(7) percent_turbulence_intensity (to specify 2.5% intensity, enter 2.5 in this field)


For a given combination of turbulence and transition models, Simple BC (inflow / farfield) settings for the above turbulence options are automatically selected. We hope that this feature will benefit users new to CFD, without having to worry about setting turbulence-related boundary conditions. We still retain all the options that have traditionally been available in previous versions, so that current users have the same familiar experience.


In addition, we can now access turbulence model constants and other related options through the “Turbulence Model Parameters” panel under “Advanced Solution Strategy”


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