We now provide both integer and real memory storages (pointers) such that users with one function call can allocate and/or access memory any time. One application is avoiding multiple reading of a data file inside UDF. Once a data file is read it can be stored and accessed during the iterations. Following is how it works:



Integer*    intVec ;

Real*         realVec ;


intVec              = udfGetIntVec( udfHd,  “intVec”, 400        )  ;

realVec            = udfGetRealVec( udfHd, “realVec”,  20 )  ;



here, intVec is pointing to an integer storage of size 400 and realVec is pointing to a real storage of 20, they become part of AcuSolve global database and assigned values persist in the UDF till the end of run.


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