by Roopinder Tara;

Fashion models don’t worry about their weight as much as professional cyclists. In the elite levels of cycling, lightweighting takes on a religious significance. Every gram on a serious rider and their bike is blessed in its removal or absence. Racers go crazy: dieting, drilling holes in their bikes,throwing away water bottles during a ride… anything in their desperation to get an edge on the competition.
Bike companies that make high-end production bikes cater to that obsession to lose weight. The largest part of the bike, the frame, gets a lot of attention. A bike frame may appear simple to the casual cyclist. But if your last use of a bike was to deliver newspapers, getting into a bike shop and picking up a modern racing bike will immediately inform you that the game has changed. At less than a kilogram (2.2 lbs), you can hold some bike frames on the fingers of an outstretched hand.

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