By Sridhar Ravikoti on September 21, 2017

Personal transporters powered by electric motors have become very popular in the last two decades. Different types of personal transporters are in the market for short distance commute needs, ranging from skateboards, two wheeled scooters like Segway, bicycles – most of them powered by electric motors. The fun aspect is equally important as function when purchasing decisions are considered. Range, stability, ease of control, feel, and safety features play a factor as well.

Our colleagues in Altair Japan created a generic 2 wheeled self-balancing scooter with a rider to demonstrate a multi-disciplinary design approach applying control systems, electromagnetics, and multibody analysis at a system level evaluation. The scooter design focuses on closed loop control system development for stabilizing the rider and powering the wheels while accelerating, turning, and braking during different maneuvers. The complete demonstration was developed in HyperWorks and solidThinking suite of products. Scooter, road profile, tires, and the rider (robot) were modeled and analyzed with MotionView and MotionSolve, the multi-body solution. The motors were designed in Flux, the general purpose electromagnetic tool. Control system for motors and stabilizing the system are all done in Activate, an intuitive block diagram environment to support model based development. Finally a photorealistic rendering of the animation as shown in the video below is done with Evolve.

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