Location: Professor Zbigniew Osinski hall (ground floor), Narbutta St. 84, 02-524 Warsaw (Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering, TU Warsaw)
Date: 25.10.2017

09:00-09:15 Registration and welcome
09:15-09:45 solidThinking: Conceptual design and optimization (DES ART)
09:45-10:05 Modelling and analysis of passive safety systems using HyperWorks suite (Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering, TU Warsaw)
10:05-10:25 Design of a waveguide of nuclear electromagnetic impulse (Faculty of Electrical Engineering, TU Warsaw)
10:25-10:45 Lattice materials in implantology. Prototyping with the use of HyperWorks (TU Gdansk)
10:45-11:05 Modelling of manufacturing processes. Using HyperForm, Click2Cast, Click2Extrude (Faculty of Production Engineering, TU Warsaw)
11:05-11:25 Advanced numerical analyses in coupling terms in selected issues of dynamics (Military University of Technology)
11:25-11:45 Design of antennas using FEKO solver (Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology, TU Warsaw)
11:45-12:05 Using HyperStudy and MADYMO in crash biomechanics (Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering, TU Warsaw)
12:05 Summary, Q&A

Registration: https://www.desart.com.pl/academic-day-2017/

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