By Stuart Sampson
Program Manager – HyperMesh

HiLock Fastener


Within the aerospace industry, a need arose to create a new fastener to replace the HiShear fastener, more commonly known as a rivet.  The prefixed collar of the HiShear fastener limited its versatility.  Prompted by this need, the HiLock fastener was designed.  The collar of the HiLock is threaded and both the pin and the collar itself were designed to fulfill a wide range of applications and installations.  The HiLock fastener also is easier to install and remove, eliminating the need for highly specialized tooling.  Along with its expanded versatility comes the challenge to accurately model and simulate the HiLock fastener.  Altair HyperWorks addresses this challenge by using the connector technology in HyperMesh to automate the modeling of this complex fastener.

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