In its first year as an Associate Technical Partner, Altair will support the events aim to improve efficiency in mobility.

10 November 2017 – Engineering software company Altair Engineering will support Make the Future Festivals in 2018 by supplying complete licenses for their Computer-aided Engineering (CAE) software to all Shell Eco-marathon (SEM) teams competing in Singapore, California, and London and all Challenger events. 2018 will mark the first year of Altair’s global support of SEM, in which students from around the world are challenged to design, build and drive the most energy-efficient car.

Shell Eco-marathon has three annual Tier One events in Asia, the Americas and Europe that take place at Make the Futures Festivals. These festivals are a platform for conversation, collaboration and innovation around the world’s energy challenges, and a proof point of the solutions developed when brilliant minds come together. Shell Eco-marathon student participants, industry experts and existing partners have collaborated to drive progress in mobility for over 30 years.

As a leading provider of enterprise-class leading engineering software, Altair has developed HyperWorks®, a simulation driven approach to product design, that enables users to optimise performance across multiple disciplines encompassing structures, motion, fluids, thermal management, electromagnetics, system modelling and embedded systems, while also providing data analytics and true-to-life visualization and rendering.

Altair will provide access to its product design and development software, as well as provide technical support and advice to the Shell Eco-marathon teams. This will enable students to refine the design of their vehicles to make them even more fuel efficient and less energy dependent.

“We are really excited to bring Altair on-board for Make the Future Festivals in 2018” said Norman Koch, General Manager, Make the Future Festivals. “We are convinced that their innovative and versatile products will enable our student teams to maximise the potential of their designs and produce even better results from their Shell Eco-marathon vehicles in 2018 and beyond”.

“The Altair CAE suite with its leading edge simulation technology in the fields of light weight design, aerodynamics, safety, manufacturing, electromagnetics and in combination with our passion for motorsports, teaching and technical support fits perfectly well into the Shell Make The Future Festivals. We are delighted to be part of it,” said Matthias Goelke, Senior Director - Business Development Academic Markets

About Altair

Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesize and optimize designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held with more than 2,600 employees, Altair is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA and operates 68 offices throughout 24 countries. Today, Altair serves more than 5,000 corporate clients across broad industry segments. To learn more, please visit


About Make the Future Festivals

Make the Future Festivals is Shell’s global platform for conversation, collaboration and innovation around the world’s energy challenges. With events hosted in countries around the globe, they aim to provide an opportunity for multiple stakeholders: including students, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments and the public, to experience, test and contribute bright energy ideas.

About Shell Eco-marathon

Shell Eco-marathon is a global programme, built to offer students hands-on opportunities to develop ideas and technology, knowledge and skills, within an arena of competition.

Currently held in in Asia, Americas and Europe and made up of two key competitions: Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge, and Drivers’ World Championship, students from countries across their respective regions use innovative problem-solving skills to design and build their own cars. Looking at every aspect of design and technology, students compete to prove that their bright ideas will produce the most energy-efficient vehicle when tested on the track.

Shell Eco-marathon began in 1939 at a Shell research laboratory in the United States as a friendly wager between scientists to see who could get the most miles per gallon from their vehicle. In 1985 in France, Shell Eco-marathon as we know it today was born. In April 2007, the Shell Eco-marathon Americas event was launched in the United States, and in 2010, the inaugural Shell Eco-marathon Asia was held in Malaysia, up until 2013. In 2018 Shell Eco-marathon Mileage Challenge and Drivers’ World Championship competitions will be held in Singapore, California and London, with London hosting the Drivers’ World Championship Grand Final.

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