The 2018 Make the Future Festivals will feature a new event alongside the Shell Eco-marathon and Drivers World Championship; the Autonomous Urban Concept Competition Showcase. This event will feature universities designing and developing fully autonomous vehicles that will be put through a series of challenges to showcase the new category which will be part of the competition in 2019.

 To support universities in their journey to the 2019 Make the Future Autonomous Urban Concept Competition, academy workshops will take place during the coming months with the aim to educate, encounter, inspire and measure the progress of teams. The first of these will take place in Cologne on the 21/22nd November 2017. The 2-day programme will give students an overview of the series, rules, challenges and programme as well as share knowledge from industry experts on autonomous vehicles and open up the floor for extensive Q&A.

 As an Associate Technical Partner of the 2018 Make the Future Festivals, Altair is providing their HyperWorks software to all teams to help them develop their 2018 cars. Altair will support the Cologne Autonomous UrbanConcept Academy Workshop giving a presentation on how their software can be used to aid the development of the student’s autonomous vehicles.

 Any students and universities interested in attending this workshop to find out more about the competition/category and how you can get involved please contact:


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