Industry – Academia tie up to benefit students in computing technologies and learning the design -modelling process using the Altair suite of advanced software solutions.

Bengaluru, India: US based Altair Engineering (Nasdaq: ALTR) announces its collaboration with BMS College of Engineering in Bengaluru. This is towards setting up a centre of excellence – An innovation centre within the college campus, helping students to learn informatics and computing technologies, thus inculcating the complete process from 1D to 3D based modelling approach using Altair’s highly advanced software solutions. The software includes solidThinking Activate®, and solidThinking Embed®, leveraging the IOT platform Carriots™ IOT/Analytics and building the digital twin as 3D systems using the other tools from the overall HyperWorks® software suite. This is the first initiative of its kind by Altair Engineering in collaboration with an academic institute in India.
Industry-institute interaction is the major factor to enable the education sector to scale up in the global knowledge index. In today’s world, institutions have the responsibility to provide not only the required skills and knowledge to their students, but also practical industrial experience.

Speaking on the collaboration, Pavan Kumar, Managing Director, Altair India, says “We are happy to collaborate with BMS college of Engineering. This is a unique initiative – an attempt in executing sponsored / internship projects on solidThinking Compose® with respect to math modelling and system based modelling thus giving students and faculty members opportunity and exposure on industry oriented practices, case studies, examples. Altair, while focusing on building competency on the tool, will also identify and work towards the possibility of outsourcing development work to BMS Information Science and Engineering’ department (IS Dept.) based on Faculty competency. We look forward to more such tie ups with Educational Institutes in the future. This would be Altair’s contribution towards educating and up-skilling the next-gen Engineers with modelling -design processes with the help of our products and solutions”
“In the present era of technology, Machine Learning provides unbound opportunities for students both in career opportunities and higher educational pursuits. Altair Engineering is one of the leading firms in developing products and solutions in the area of Machine Learning. I am sure our collaboration with Altair Engineering would achieve the desired results” says Dr. K. Mallikharjuna Babu, Principal, BMS College of Engineering
The initiative will extend support in framing the curriculum of an elective based on Compose product capabilities. Altair will be playing a major role in providing their reviews to the syllabus, which leads to setting standards needed by the industry. The students will benefit by Compose Machine Learning related projects, which in turn facilitates them for internship and recruitment at Altair and further at its customers.

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