Aarhus School of Architecture uses HyperWorks to show how Topology Optimisation can be used for Concrete Architectural Structures!

Denmark’s Aarhus School of Architecture had an interest towards exploring the possibilities of applying simulation software to architectural concrete. Asbjorn Sondergaard from Aarhus School of Architecture said he found HyperMesh to be a very strong FE-modelling component that meets critical aspects of creating advanced design models. Once analysis was carried out in the architectural project, the results showed that optimised structures produced a 60 to 70 percent reduction in material usage, in comparison to standard materials. After the project, Asbjorn indicated that his team predicts a bright future for using HyperWorks in commercial architectural projects! To learn more about the design and optimisation process and to see what software elements from HyperWorks were used, click the link below.

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