Principal Roll Structure Design Using Non-Linear Implicit Optimisation in Radioss

Simon Gardner, Force India F1

Driver safety is the most important aspect to consider in the design of any Formula One car, especially in the event of a rollover. The design of the principal roll structure for a Formula One car is strictly governed by a number of FIA regulations, and most importantly, must satisfy a static load test as described in Article 17.2 of the FIA 2011 Formula One Technical regulations:

FIA 17.2: Principal roll structure test:

A load equivalent to 50kN laterally, 60kN longitudinally in a rearward direction and 90kN vertically, must be applied to the top of the structure through a rigid flat pad which is 200mm in diameter and perpendicular to the loading axis.

The primary objective of this study is to show how Non-Linear Implicit Optimisation using RADIOSS can be employed in the detailed design of a principal roll structure. As part of this study the targets listed below must be met.

•FIA compliance


•Ease of manufacture

•Compressed design time

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