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Driver safety is the most important aspect to consider in the design of any Formula One car, especially in the event of a rollover. The design of the principal roll structure for a Formula One car is strictly governed by a number of FIA regulations, and most importantly, must satisfy a static load test as described in Article 17.2 of the FIA 2011 Formula One Technical regulations:

FIA 17.2: Principal roll structure test:

A load equivalent to 50kN laterally, 60kN longitudinally in a rearward direction and 90kN vertically, must be applied to the top of the structure through a rigid flat pad which is 200mm in diameter and perpendicular to the loading axis.

The primary objective of this study is to show how Non-Linear Implicit Optimisation using RADIOSS can be employed in the detailed design of a principal roll structure. As part of this study the targets listed below must be met.

•FIA compliance


•Ease of manufacture

•Compressed design time

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Altair Student Edition

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