Ming zhou1, Raphael Fleury1, Sam Patten2, Neil Stannard2, Dave Mylett3, Simon Gardner3

1Altair Engineering, Irvine, USA, zhou@altair.com

2Altair Engineering, Leamington Spa, UK

3Force India Formula One Team Ltd., Northamptonshire, UK


In the past 20 years, topology optimization has emerged as both an active research field as well as a powerful technology for broad industrial applications. Commercial software plays an important role in transforming an emerging technology from research to industry. The authors have previously highlighted various aspects that are important for real world applications ([1]-[11]). This paper will revisit some of the most critical aspects from more recent experience:

o General and flexible multiple constrained problem formulation is essential. Efficient analysis and optimization process should be implemented to cover large scale problems;

o Various manufacturing constraints are very important for the realization of the design concept.

In this paper a comprehensive review of these aspects are provided. Their importance is demonstrated with real world industrial applications. Composite concept optimization is also highlighted because fiber reinforced composite has become increasingly important for high performance products including next generation airliners. A Formula One race car application [12] from Force India F1 team is presented to show case applications in an exciting sport industry where vehicles are engineered for extreme performance and optimization has become a standard engineering tool for most F1 teams.

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Altair Student Learning Event 2022 - Watch Webinar Recordings

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