These Modeling and Simulation products are useful for course instruction, student projects, and research — specifically for:

  • Teaching a wide array of courses throughout an engineering curriculum, from 1st year through graduate level, such as: An Introduction to Engineering; Linear Algebra; Numerical Methods; Dynamics; Controls; Robotics; Mechatronics; Electrical Circuits & Systems; Signal Processing; Embedded Systems; Systems Engineering; Electric Machinery & Drives; Solid Mechanics; Fluid Mechanics; Heat Transfer; Statistics; and more.
  • Student competitions, student projects, and hobbyist/maker work requiring engineering calculations (common or specialized) and/or involving simple or complex embedded systems including Arduino and Texas Instruments microcontrollers.
  • Research pertaining to Model-Based Development.

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The open, multi-language environment of Compose enables the combination of its open matrix language (OML) with scripts written in Tcl/Tk or Python. OML is also compatible and inter-operable with Octave and MATLAB®. As an open platform for multi-disciplinary system simulation, Activate leverages Modelica and Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI), and can import Simulink® files.

Altair has also expanded its support of open standards by open-sourcing its open matrix language (OML). Interested users and contributors can download source code from the OpenMatrix website and actively participate in this burgeoning R&D community.

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Altair Student Webinar Series - Register Now!

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