The focus of this workshop is on teaching and learning Simulation-Driven Innovation and Altair’s Academic Program. We will hear from academic leaders all over the world on how they are equipping engineering students for their future careers. Join us for an exciting and engaging program.

  • Welcome & Altair Academic Program, Matthias Goelke, Altair
  • The Impact of Deep Learning in CAE, Professor Michel Bercovier, School of Engineering and CS, Hebrew University of Jersusalem
  • Teaching Additive Layered Manufacturing and Structural Optimization, Professor Francesca Campana, Sapienza Universita di Roma / Italy
  • Time-Constrained Prototype Development – Learning the Product Development Process, Professor Matthias R. Leiner, Professor Michael Magin, University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern / Germany
  • Design of an Inverted Pendulum, Nic Minnaar, Altair
  • Mechanical Engineering goes digital: How design languages make students ready for digitalization and Industry 4.0, Manuel Ramsaier, Professor Markus Till, Professor Stephan Rudolph, University Weingarten & Stuttgart / Germany
  • Innovation & New Technology Integration into Engineering Curricula, Professor Clive Hands, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Please note: Speakers, students, professors and sponsors can register for free.

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