Vignesh Manohar, a Ph.D. Student from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA won the honorable mention in 2018 FEKO Student Competition for his paper Characterizing the Salient Features of Antenna Near-Field Measurement Techniques using FEKO: Understanding the Importance of Probe Pattern Compensation through Simulations“. Vignesh modelled a near-field measurement setup in FEKO, and investigated the effects of probe patterns on the measured near and far fields using FEKO.  It is notable to mention that Vignesh won the honorable mention in 2017 competition as well for his paper “Synthesis and Analysis of Low Profile, Metal Only Stepped Parabolic Reflector Antenna using FEKO.”

Dr. C.J. Reddy presenting the book, “Antenna Analysis & Design using FEKO EM Simulation Software” to Prof. Yahya Rahmat-Samii in his office.

Altair’s Dr. C. J. Reddy, Vice President of Business Development for Electromagnetics (Americas) along with Altair’s Senior Account Manager, Dr. Sriram (Ram) Ramanathan visited UCLA recently to present the honorable mention certificate to Vignesh. Dr. Reddy and Ram were received by Vignesh’s advisor, Prof. Yahya Rahmat-Samii in his office. Prof. Rahmat-Samii described some of the curricular activities at UCLA in the field of antennas and potential use of the book, “Antenna Analysis and Design using FEKO EM Simulation Software” as a supplement to his antenna course.  Prof. Rahmat-Samii gave tour of his antenna lab, with state of the art near field antenna measurement facility, and introduced us to his graduate students who are doing very interesting work in modern antenna technology. Their research covers a broad range of topics including reflector antennas, reflectarrays, 3D-printed lens antennas, phased arrays, meta-materials, optimization techniques, etc.  The antennas developed at the UCLA Antenna Laboratory have facilitated several emerging technologies such as CubeSat radars, Mars rovers, wind scatterometer radars, brain machine interfaces, next generation MRI scanners, etc.  After a brief tour of UCLA campus, Dr. Reddy presented the honorable mention certificate to Vignesh in front of one of the landmark buildings – Royce Hall in the presence of Prof. Rahmat-Samii. Dr. Reddy and Ram would like to thank Prof. Rahmat-Samii for his hospitality during this visit.

Dr. C. J. Reddy presenting the Honorable Mention Certificate to Vignesh in the presence of his advisor, Prof. Yahya Rahmat-Samii. Royce Hall is in the background.

More information about the Altair Feko Student competition and details on past winners can be found at FEKO Student Competition page.

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