FEKO is a comprehensive electromagnetic simulation tool that provides a variety of solvers ranging from Full-wave methods to Asymptotic methods. Hybridization of solvers is supported by FEKO. Accelerated solution techniques like parallelized MLFMM or HOBF are also a key feature.

Although, at some stage, while simulating system level problems, the most common issue is requirement of large computational resources. This is due to the electrical size of the structures being large along with minute details which add to the complexity. Problems like antenna placement on large platforms, EMC analysis of complex devices like PCBs, etc. require high computational resources. FEKO enables the users to use Model Decomposition that solves the problem in just two steps by using an equivalent representation of transmitting and receiving antennas. Hence, antenna geometries can be easily replaced with equivalent sources while yielding comparable accuracy. This approach helps in reducing computational requirements.

FEKO offers several equivalent sources for model decomposition:

Far field

Spherical modes

Near field

The field data of antennas can be exported as .ffe, .sph or .nf files. These data files can then be imported as equivalent field sources in larger or more complex environments.

Here is an example of a large reflector fed by a horn antenna. In case 1 the antenna geometry is considered in the simulation, while in case 2 only the fields extracted from the antenna are used for the simulations. The results have almost equal accuracy while the computational resources required are much less.

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