Submit your innovative solution to an EM problem using Altair Flux™ and/or Altair FluxMotor™ coupled to complementary Altair solutions.

Deadline is November 30, 2019.

The Altair Student Competition, focusing on Innovation in electromagnetics is an international contest organised annually by the Altair team in support of engineering education.  The competition is open to all under-graduate and post-graduate students, anywhere in the world, who are using Altair Flux and / or Altair FluxMotor coupled to Altair complementary solutions.

The Student Competition has been running for long years and attracts students interested in electromagnetic equipment design, from electricmotor to contactless energy transfer applications, from mobility application to energy & power projects and other low-frequency electromagnetic applications. This contest gives students an opportunity to showcase their innovative work using Altair Flux and Altair FluxMotor software.

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