We at Altair are very excited to be an official partner of the Shell Make the Future Event and the Shell Eco-marathon competition.

Get Software – The Altair CAE suite with its leading-edge simulation technology in the fields of lightweight design, aerodynamics, safety, manufacturing, electromagnetics and in combination with our passion for motorsports, teaching, and technical support will help you design the difference, Full version of the software is provided to all participating teams, request here – https://altairuniversity.com/altair-make-the-future-associate-technical-partner/shell-eco-marathon-altair-student-package/


Get Inspired – Explore the case studies here to learn how Altair has helped student competition teams succeed  – https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/?type=learninglibraryitem&filter_resource_type=Case+Studies&pg=2&search&filter_discipline&filter_language&filter_source

Get Trained – We will be conducting webinars to help you and your team, visit https://altairuniversity.com/ for announcements about the webinars and for all aspects of Altair`s Academic Program.

Get Material – Our SimSolid and Inspire eBooks, related courses and videos should be the starting point to quickly learn and implement simulation for your cars. The student map here will guide them to the courses and books correctly https://altairuniversity.com/student-guide/

Get Certified – Altair’s Academic Learning & Certification Program – https://certification.altairuniversity.com/

Get Support – you can always ask us questions while learning using the Altair Support Forum – https://forum.altair.com/

Altair Student Edition
Altair Student Edition

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